Pre-Apoption Counseling

Contemplating the decision to become a parent is one of the most significant and important decisions a person can make. You needn’t feel alone or afraid of the overwhelming amount of information or the questions that the decision conjures up; is adoption right for me/us? What type of adoption? Is now the time? What is open adoption VS closed adoption? Where do I/we begin? What are the legalities, logistics and finances involved?

At Scanlon Counseling & Consulting you can rest assured that you have a safe and positive environment in which to explore all of your options and to ask any questions! Dr. Scanlon has years of professional experience working with clients (children of adoption as well as adoptive and birth parents) as well as a personal journey through adoption that provides a lense through which to make this very beautiful journey.

Dr. Scanlon offers a one-time free consultation session. If you are interested in scheduling a consultation, please contact the office via the contact information found on the website. And, remember, "Every child deserves someone who is crazy about them."

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