Adoption Home Studies

A home study is a comprehensive written report and snapshot of your family prepared by a licensed professional counselor or therapist. In the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, all adoptive families are legally required to obtain an approved home-study. The process involves meetings with members of your household and, a home visit.

Dr. Scanlon offers home study services to families involved in the domestic adoption process. She works with your placing agency to ensure that the home study meets the requirements of the agency and all studies are tailored to the needs of each individual situation.

In Pittsburgh, the average cost of a home study is upwards of $1,200 with updated home studies costing $500, and if required by your agency, supervisory post-placement visits cost upwards of $150 each. Unlike most agency acquired home studies, Dr. Scanlons' fees are designed to make the process attainable and affordable. Home study fees are $750, with updated studies (if necessary) costing $250, and post-placement visits at $100 each.

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