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My greatest teacher and mentor, himself a life-long helper and healer, taught me that good relationships with others beget happiness and a sense of well-being and that healthy connections inform healthy regard for ourselves. He writes, "Most problems presented in counseling can be understood as disconnection, an inability to embrace ourselves or the people around us. Therapy can be a means of re-establishing meaningful connections by addressing the obstacles that thwart us. These obstacles can take many forms, such as excessive fear, unresolved childhood injuries, distorted beliefs, insecurities, depression or addictions."

From my mentors and by way of my personal work and professional training, I have come to believe that 'therapy' (healing) can come in many forms, not the least of which is the therapeutic dialogue. It is an extremely valuable and effective manner by which to shift our thoughts, alter our patterns and grow our contentedness.

My approach is eclectic. As such, it is built upon the distinct situation and unique needs of every client. Thusly, it is called Client-Centered Therapy. I tend towards a Cognitive-Behavioral approach that merges with Positive Psychology, Family Systems, and Mindfulness Based strategies and techniques.

I provide initial consultations and evaluations for adoption home studies, critical incident defusing’s, fitness for duty evaluations and general clinical assessments in addition to ongoing psychotherapy.

I can provide initial consults and evaluations for adoption home studies, critical tncidents, fitness for duty and general clinical assessments.


Duquesne University
Doctorate in Counseling Education
2012 - 2016

Chatham University
Master's degree, Counseling Psychology
1999 - 2001

Geneva College
Bachelor's degree, Psychology
1997 - 1999


National Board Certified Counselor

Licensed Professional Counselor

Certified Thanatologist

Certified Employee Assistance Consultant

Critical Incident & Disruptive Event Management Professional

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